Craig Jackson's Résumé


Total Care Auto – Senior Software Engineer

Sandy, UT, US

May 2014 - Current

Total Care Auto provides Vehicle, Credit and Appearance protection on vehicles as a part of the Larry H. Miller Group. I have been working on the web application that our agents use to sell our products to the customers and the admin for our internal users to manage the application.

When I started, the main application I supported was a rails 5/mysql app with jruby services. There were several constraints in place that were blocking some of the bigger needs from the business. The business decided to move forward with rewriting major parts of the application. We decided on Go (backend) for the performance and light resources relative to Ruby/Rails while also leveraging Go's concurrency framework to reduce our footprint of microservices (less complicated system architecture for development ease and less AWS resources for lower cost).



Kabam – Senior Backend Engineer

San Francisco, CA, US

Feb 2013 - Apr 2014

Kabam is a leader of the free-to-play online game industry. With a wide-selection of games. I have been involved in three games: Slots by Kabam, Kingdoms of Camelot and Dragons of Atlantis. I have been mostly involved in designing and coding the backend models and API for features, as well as diagnosing and refactoring performance problems.



Blaq – Technical Partner

Nov 2011 - Nov 2015

Blaq is a reporting-layer for the popular Affiliate CRM Limelight. We compile orders from their system into a efficent data structure for retention reports going back as far as needed from the client.



Neutron Interactive – Lead Web Developer • Technical Coordinator

Salt Lake City, UT, US

Jan 2011 - Feb 2013

Neutron Interactive is a lead-generation company for the education industry. My main focuses are architecting next-generation solutions and improving collaboration amongst developers.



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